ARC - Day 15

Donald Macdonald
Mon 7 Dec 2020 15:27
Position 17.21N  51.36W
Another frustrating 24 hours with the wind not in range predicted 10-12 knots for 3 hours this morning saw nothing more than 6 knots. Presently heading west to rhumb line when near, unless given favorable wind shift (not predicted), will gybe on to port. If made enough progress before dark will gybe then otherwise will wait for daylight, no point making things more difficult for ourselves when you cannot see all the ropes running freely and not routed incorrectly.
Pink spinnaker been up for over 30 hours now. Last night in the pitch black the spinnaker sheet detached from the clew so sail was flying ahead of the boat not giving any drive. Created plenty of slack on the sheet so could have it on the foredeck, lowered and let forward the pole so could get hold of spinnaker foot so could gather in to get free flying clew. Took 2 attempts as the spinnaker filled and pulled from my grasp. Reason for sheet letting go is that there is a pull line on the snap shackle, with the sail not always flying properly due lack of wind it comes and grazes the guard rails and standing rigging and probably just got caught and open the jaws.
No rain last night and stayed warm and the threatened squalls never affected us from the trough behind. Tonight could be different as there does appear to be a lot of active clouds around.
Dinner tonight, beef casserole, hot baguette, mature cheddar cheese then pears halves in juice. All fruit from Del Monte and we are not even sponsored by them.