Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sun 14 Mar 2021 18:46
Before going ashore last night needed to add air to rear section of dinghy. Did get some in but started to hear air escaping, it was from the foot pump each time I pressed down. Further investigation revealed the wooden plate of the bellows was splitting at the hinged end. Nothing to be done but go ashore in dinghy, had good view across bay from Papa's restaurant.
This morning took a more detailed look at how the pump was broken, you could see the the wooden plate was splitting in half through its thickness. A bit more thinking of what the tools and repair glues etc we have onboard to formulate a repair. The split opened up when pressing end of plate so as having one G-clamp onboard, some bits of wood and a heavy toolbox and some thickened epoxy in a tube repair could be done. The thickened epoxy mixed and then put in plastic bag with corner chopped off so could squeeze the mix into the split by having the toolbox closing the pump. Once lots of epoxy squeezed in got the pieces of wood either side at hinge and squeezed down the wood battens with the G-clamp, lots of epoxy oozed out and cleaned up. That was 5 hours ago, the epoxy is no longer sticky and surplus is still a little flexible so shall leave toolbox and clamps on probably till the morning when we shall get to test to see of good fix.
John has done some scrapping of barnacles from the hull, too cool for me to go in without the sunshine to dry oneself. Hull over half done now. Completed areas looks as though just been painted.
Been cloudy all day so unable to run the inverter to charge computers etc from AC as all light required to charge the house batteries.
Tomorrow is a holiday here, Hero's Day.