Azores to Poole - Day 7

Donald Macdonald
Wed 2 Jun 2021 15:29
Position 46.34.8N 14.30.1W
Good 24 hours 145nm nearer Poole. Harold has been brilliant the last 24 hours. The whole trip since leaving Poole never seen the wheel move so little whilst Harold in charge. Now the pilot is better than us on some angles when us humans do not have a point on the horizon to judge our course by. Took our time but finally solved that problem, just unfortunate I am not so good at the leak in stern area a little one still present. The battery power consumed overnight significantly down and looks like can now keep refrigerator on overnight.
John has not enjoyed the last 24 hours so much as has felt cold most of the time even when sleeping, he has taken to getting the quilt out which he was still cold under. Perhaps his last 2 hours on watch feels better as the sun has been out and there is warmth in it even in the wind. When he came up on deck mentioned the black traveller rail was hot, he felt that and mentioned he should perhaps take the black bar with him next time he sleeps. Strange people you meet at sea.
Routing presently taking us towards Isles of Scilly, once there looks like very little wind. At the moment we have a wind hole following us and one just moving fast enough forward so we don't get in that one. Sailing with full main, nearly 48 hours since we were in that mode, Code 0 also flying.
Dinner tonight will be Baked beans and spicy Spanish Chorizo, baguette, cheese, dessert sliced peaches in juice.