Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Tue 4 May 2021 19:21
Position 20.28.22N 58.29.57W
Yesterday there were some horrible noises in the cabin as we kept falling off waves and slapping lots of them. It was happening considerably more than before when sailing upwind. After some thought and watching Harold steer the waves no real light bulb moment so left it. In the evening when on my sleep break it was so bad I was imagining the boat falling apart so got up looked under the floorboards at the keel bolts, in the forward cabin listening to the noises, still no solution. During the night when on deck kept looking around and came to the conclusion we had too much weight aft. Besides the aft locker being full we had 100ltrs of water in 4 cans attached to transom rails. This was untied and moved to the forward cabin and stored on the floor there. 100kgs moved 9 meters forward. We still fall off some of the short waves but the slapping of small waves has stopped as we now have more weight keeping the bow down when we pitch on the waves.
Anotherbprobem was that a couple of times when we went below we could initially smell diesel. Removed the forward access to the engine and could see water and fuel under the engine. No particular source for leak found although the inlet to course fuel filter was damp. Once dried stayed so. Also checked the fuel tank connections in aft locker to see if any leaks there too, none found but getting access to the connections very difficult. Will look at both again tomorrow.
0830 we tacked back on to the major benefitting tack. Often getting 18 knots of breeze so have put the 1st reef in which also makes it easier on Harold and uses slightly less power. So far we have been getting an excellent supply of energy from the solar panel to keep batteries topped up, the refrigerator is turned off at night to ensure we keep enough power to keep the electronics working. have done 140 nm last 24 hours, ashame not all at our destination.
Dinner latter will be Chicken in sauce, carrots, peas followed by peach slices again.