ARC - Day 10

Donald Macdonald
Wed 2 Dec 2020 15:07
Position 21.01N  42.59W
The spinnaker flown into the night with wind increasing and the sea swell not discernable with the waves. To add to this it was very cloudy therefore no moon to shine on the sea and boat. Although not recommended it became compass watching to stop going off course which we both did with regularity as senses tell you one thing the boat is doing the opposite. WE tried adding a further reef to the main to decrease the screw ups to wind a little easier just not enough. At 2 a.m. the wind was 27+ knots and a few broaches decided time to take the sail down. This sail is in a snuffer and having let the guy right off the sail would not collapse and all my body weight on the suffer line was not bringing it down noticeably. After probably 10-15 minutes it was snuffed but not until my hands had some friction heat when the odd time lost tight control of the line. Hands look OK today no blisters etc.
The rest of the evening sailed with white sails only  with a little loss of speed but no screw-ups so probably net the same. Just after light this morning, 9 a.m., although you would not know it as was thick cloud and rain for a few hours, same as UK weather on 2nd December although a far better temperature at 24C, we prepared to hoist spinnaker again.  Once prepared 25 knots wind arrived on the beam, belayed that decision. Sail secured on deck. Probably will not go up today as we have a forecast of wind moving forward about 30-40 degrees and expecting stronger winds overnight.
As well as this sailing thing there are a whole host of other tasks that need completing everyday which does both of us to be on watch together. Normally after 1st light we both take our temperatures, a requirement to get into St Lucia without quarantine if no indications of fever. The PredictWind application on the computer opened, update our position on it and request latest weather forecast by email for our route to St Lucia using satellite phone, on this same call we get a weather forecast update from the ARC team for the various boxes of the Atlantic. This needs understanding and also Bluetooth a copy of it to the tablet in the cockpit. A second call is made a few minutes after the initial to get a response from PredictWind. The file they send moved into the application and also file sent to tablet. Data digested to get understanding of what we may expect now and up to next 7 days. Both ARC and PredictWind do not always have the same information for where we are.
In good light inspect rig for wear and chaffing and anything that does not look right and rectify.
Check bilges and monitor battery power and charging. So all charging done from EFOY fuel cell and solar panels. WE do have engine charging if required.
Inside check bilges are dry, look in fore and aft cabins to ensure no water getting or anything else untoward,
Mid afternoon at a convenient time write this blog and use the satellite phone to get it uploaded.
Before dark cook evening meal. As all regular jobs done through the day we hopefully get more sleep at night which boat sailing configurations have intruded into.
For those of you who always would like to know a smart ass, I did all my Xmas cards in October and hopefully were sent yesterday the 1st December.
Dinner tonight will be Irish Stew, hot baguette, cheese and for sweet, pineapple slices in juice.
Our trip distance so far is 1668 nm.