ARC - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Sat 28 Nov 2020 14:03
Position  24.44N 32.03W
Difficult night as the wind did not know where it wanted to come from. Early evening all fine with steady winds up to 27 knots on the beam with 2 reefs in. This 2nd reef not without mishap. Whilst setting up all the ropes and winches in pitch black for this 2nd a far bigger wave caught John on the helm and heeled big time I rolled 360 degrees from companionway thinking the dodger will get me soon. No the winch stopped me at the base of my spine. Any pressure on it hurts and I'm sure a big bruise too. Knee also got a clout too. 
Later same night you could almost make out lots of rain and squalls around us without being in one. True Wind Direction (TWD) normally 35-55 degree NE'iish. With all this activity around it must have disturbed the prevailing wind and was very light 6-10 knots and varying in TWD from 340 - 120 degrees and if we had followed all the changes may have had the spinnaker up and down a few times and done half a dozen gybes which even with white sail would take time because of the mains boom gybe preventer setup. A larger crew may well have helped. At one stage it did appear to settle down so went around undoing gybe preventer and set up on other side. Whilst on the foredeck could hear sail flapping and could feel wind, checked instruments in cockpit yes need to bear away as wind at 030 20 knots, put everything back and bear away. this lasted about 5 minutes. Another 40 minutes of mucking about until settled down. Now TWD 045 17-20 knots so liking this afternoon so far.
All this helming and watching instruments makes ones mind wonder so you start thinking of things. WE both appear to do the same thing at the moment. One of the numbers we can see is Distance to Go. Started at about 2700nm. Since being under 2020 we both think back to what we might have done in those years or what historical event took place. We both no good at history so 1800's not much, nothing now in 1700's. John decided to change one to Hexadecimal in his head, bad idea I forgot to steer the right way so looking for other ideas now. As I write this we are at 1749, which could also be nearly 10 to 6 pm.
Planned dinner this evening Chicken in sauce, carrots, peas, baguette followed by pineapple in juice