Union Island - Frigate Island Anchorage - 2nd Time around - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Thu 18 Mar 2021 19:35
Dinghy foot  pump fix of yesterday worked this morning, although I think will need some TLC to stay that way.
Yesterday afternoon John cleaned the keel starboard side, this morning I did the port so whole boat has been finished. Now we shall have to go down and do it all regularly then there should not be any build up barnacles or green beard.
This afternoon we went up the rock at the end of Frigate Island. We had to beach the dinghy a half mile from the rock to climb. The way up the rock was not obvious and we often got scratched by the bushes as there was no identifiable path/track and there was a reasonable amount of scrambling up vertical rocks. The view around and down on to Rainmaker was superb.
In the local town, Ashton all was not set up visitors as hardly anyone has come this year. We did end up with food as they went out especially to get some chicken for us as we did not fancy lobster. It was a good evening just with locals and none of the tourist trappings.