St Vincent & Grenadines - Young Island Cut Quarantine Area - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Tue 23 Feb 2021 17:53
Were hoping to be out of quarantine today, with no news or even our paperwork back stuck on boat at least for another night.
Today have done some software updates on the B&G instruments that can be done through the chart plotter, this included the plotter itself, H5000 Autopilot controller too. When get proper computer on later will download software for both Graphic displays in the cockpit and the AIS transponder. These units require a software stick plugged in to upgrade. The displays are straight forward, never done the AIS unit before so a little reading before I start.
The battery monitor on the boat has always indicated Discharge when the shore power is on and the battery charger doing the charger. Investigated this and think this is because the negative lead from the charger was connected to the battery and not after the shunt that measure the current too/from the battery. Lead moved to terminal bus bar after the shunt. Will check next time we have shore power connected if rectified fault.
The quarantine anchorage here is fairly fluid in that every day we have been here so far at least one boat arrives and another leaves. I was surprised by this as our 7 days in Grenada quarantine area we only saw 3 boats arrive and 2 go.