Hop south to Portugal day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sat 24 Oct 2020 09:17
40.31N 9.10W
Have a little more wind than forecast, F5 and being headed more than anticipated. Will tack in about 13 miles when approx 5 miles from the coast for 10 miles south to port entrance.
Yesterday's fuel investigations. On closer look could see much in coarse filter glass bowl so removed fine filter bowl to check state, no muck found so reassembled fuel filter including rebodging filter screw with jubilee clip and bleed bowl through injectot pump return that goes to top of bowl. All ran OK for the 30 minutes motoring required.
Last night was on watch in my 1st rain squall, John already had a few on trip so far. Also meant getting a reef in quickly as wind built to 25 knots. Being pitch black out there unable to se it coming.
Maintenance list had a few more items added, 2 for small leaks (drips in fact) and some ladies work stitching of a ripped pocket in cockpit.
Dinner last night Baked beans and cumbernauld sausages, baguette and cheese followed by tinned mandarines.