Rodney Bay - Day 8

Donald Macdonald
Sat 19 Dec 2020 18:38
Today last day the ARC office open and it is prize giving starting at 16.30 on pontoon D, where we are. A large boat put down at root of pontoon with big screens and speakers all the way down the pontoon. Party on! I think they will be supplying drinks to the boats. With all of us on our boats we do not fall foul of the groups rule, which I think here is 25 people.
On moving some soft drinks cans today from the cupboards to the fridge some were empty but still sealed. A few lockers had to be cleaned of the sticky mess as some must have done it a few or more days ago.
Today acquired some rum punch that we enjoyed when we arrived, appears not on general sale as comes from an events hotel so a little lucky getting the 2 cases. We will probably enjoy the odd night at anchor when unable to get ashore for freshly made ones, maybe lacking ice though.
Dinghy put together and blown up on the dock to check no leaks as we plan to leave here Monday for an anchorage to get us at least through Xmas. Big anchor also removed from locker but not sure how we are going to sail with it on the bow. May store it again and see if our smaller anchor will do the jobs if we can always find sand to drop it in.
Were hoping to do Barbados Week as our first regatta end of January. Website implies still on some locals think not so email sent off to find out as we will have a fair amount of Covid logistics/tests to get entry so cannot leave to last minute.