Azores to Poole - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Sat 29 May 2021 15:36
Position 41.02.6N 24.35.2W
A lot better 24 hours. Engine was off after 4 hours as were in some breeze. Code 0 went up and for about 6 hours often getting 8 knots. Not long after midnight the Code 0 taken down as wind had backed and we were on its wind angle limit. With jib out continued at about 6.5 knots and we are still doing this heading a little north of the great circle route. The wind pressure is due to drop in the next 12-18 hours.
No new breakages, Harold still not working well. I think will need some professional advice of what is wrong as I think a sensor not working correctly but not showing as a fault. Wait and see just hope it does not get worse so we have to hand steer all the way home.
Dinner last night did not have raspberries but peaches as they were in a big can and was easier to share out in to bowls in the flat water. All other fruits we have eaten from the can.
Tonight it will be raspberries and before will be baked beans with large Lincolnshire sausage with baguette.
STOP PRESS: Starboard Race display reported as frozen will investigate once this has been sent.