La Coruna Stop - Update

Donald Macdonald
Thu 22 Oct 2020 13:36
Been monitoring forecasts of wind and waves. Wind has us leaving at the weekend the waves are dictating we leave today and hop down the coast to Portugal. By Sunday forecast have waves exceeding 7m which would close lots of marinas and estuaries for a safe haven if one required. The plan which is to leave this evening and either go to Porto or if doing well in the little wind forecast go as far as Figueira da Foz. Do expect to do a lot of motor sailing to keep on schedule.
Once that far south we will have more opportunities to get a weather window to get all the way to Gran Canaria.
Autopilot actuator added a copper sealing washer as nothing thin enough to stop the loose fitting of attachment. Tef gel added to reduce corrosion until some 0.020" 12mm ID washers can be obtained.
Autopilot head that stopped working on trip down being left disconnected so we do not get random engagement and disconnection of Harold.
Hopefully next post show good news about progress.