Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 17

Donald Macdonald
Thu 11 Feb 2021 20:02
Pedestal back together. Hoorah!!
This morning put the cables back on the quadrant, centred the wheel and ensure the rudder in the mid position and tensioned the cables. We then ensured that the pull range could be done on the rudder touching the end stops. Initially the wheel went further one way than the other so loosened everything to move the chain one cog around the drum no difference. Then decided to measure the distance from each end stop to centre of steering arm, there was a 2cm difference. Looked further and the stop limits assembly could be moved as there were holes 1cm across. Removed and cleaned the assembly before refitting in other holes and now wheel moves same distance both ways. Beforehand I had seen a very small difference in going either way but nothing like what we had. Previous owners had some how fiddled the setting to appear OK, so suspect it was yard staff. Water guard put on pedestal then the compass. Finished off connecting plotter and USB connector up. Because the rudder setup has changed have carried out a dockside calibration, will do a sea trial one when we find some flattish water, not sure where that might be as always windy and warm here.
We now plan to leave here tomorrow and head up to Carriacou.