Bequia Regatta - Round Island

Donald Macdonald
Sun 4 Apr 2021 18:43
Very pleasant day for a race, sunshine, 10-20 knots around the course.
We were in the 2nd start for 40-45 feet boat, really mine is 39.5 feet. Other class today was greater than 45 feet. We started 15 minutes before the big ones. Start OK with 1 boat ahead. 1st tactic how close to the headland just after start to go and not lose out. We followed a local and always stayed to windward and nearer the Island. After about 15 minutes there was a descent breeze and we went as high as we could which was far better than the Hanse 455 which looked as though it should fly. From then we did our own thing and seemed to be opening up the gap. The bigger boats we could see going well a little further out to sea. We came as close as we dare around north of the Island and then able to free off. It took another 15 minutes before we saw next boat around the headland. It was a white sail day going south. Around the bottom was a dead run so we held the jib out goose winged and we going well. Being just 3 miles and doing 7-8 knots considered not to risk a spinnaker. No one else used one so all even. Then it was the final beat back into the bay to the finish. We took 3 hours 1 minute. Next boat to finish was 20 minutes behind so elapsed time for all boats we were the least time. Great day out.
We did leave the dinghy at a dock and swam back to the boat. when this is sent I will swim to the beach and go and collect the dinghy.
We will go and meet the others at The Plantation bar soon.