Antigua - Parham nr. Jordan Pier

Donald Macdonald
Sun 18 Apr 2021 18:37
Position 17.06.859N 61.45.861W
Dickenson Bay had only 2 restaurants open with one very expensive the the Salt Plage which was only a little bit expensive but view across bay lovely.
Anchor up at 0955 for motor around the corner to Parham. Did pull forward to have just 0.1m indicated below the keel. Close attention to the chart required today on passage to avoid shallows and reefs. Before the electronic chart I can see the route we took would have been a lot slower and lots of checking of bearings or leading line to ensure not going astray. I have got very lazy as I suspect most people have now.
We are upwind of the airport, British Airways airplane at the terminal and can see the desalination plant, Antigua cricket ground, the cement works, a miniature cathedral. Not the prettiest place with some of the sites and not the easiest place to anchor, position wise as decided to locate a slightly deeper area in the shallows. Holding good as a clay/mud bottom in 3m. Will wonder ashore to see if anything there the guide implies only one eating place which hopefully is where the locals go as no other yachts around otherwise will be closed.