Grenada - Prickly Bay Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Mon 25 Jan 2021 18:44
Woke up to clouds and rain today, rain has now ceased and sun out so all dry already. Did a slight modification to the kicker with the dyneema strop to stop chaffing and re-routed one rope through top block to stop a twist. Next sail will see how the change is working. Next job was to flatten some gel coat filler put in various places about 18 months ago, now not obvious. Do need to do some more gel coat filling as a few big dings around and we know the mix will cure quickly in this heat.
Today managed to confirm with Palm Tree Marine engineering that they can ream out the elongation and insert a bush on the pedestal. Have provisionally booked pedestal in for fixing Thursday/Friday. The facility is 2 bays down so will motor there in the morning and hopefully moor in the marina near the facility in Clarke's Court Marina. This will then allow a day to disconnect all the steering, remove the wheel and the shaft it is on then the pedestal from the cockpit. All sound simple on paper I already expect a few hiccups as do not have any drifts to remove the pin for the shaft so bodging will be the order of the day. Unfortunately the greasy cables and pedestal securing bolts are all in my bunk area so will need to be removed as well as a lot of stuff stored in there this whole trip. All I hope is that the needle bearings are not in such a bad state that they cannot be reused even short term.
Tonight another bottle of Rum Punch I expect.