St Vincent & Grenadines - Young Island Cut Quarantine Area - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sat 20 Feb 2021 18:23
Lovely anchorage and a rich persons hotel for honeymooners on Young Island just across the water from us. Keep looking out for domestics over there through the binoculars (does that make me a voyeur). Nearer to us on the other side is the mainland and a nice looking beach. I should work up some enthusiasm to go for a swim, just worried the water maybe cold. John assures me it is warm.
Yesterday mentioned all the places we passed and had some comments we should have gone to them. We will once we have been cleared quarantine and have a cruising permit for the area, we shall scoot down south to Union Island then back up through Tobago Cays and Bequia and other places that take our fancy.
This morning carried out some minor maintenance. The aft locker leak sealed an electrical connector (not used) as yesterday did find water on the sealant plug where the cable did run. Would like to think I will find the real culprit soon. The R clip securing the anchor in place was found bent this morning, straightened so can now be removed. The fan in the main cabin has not worked for a few days. Today took it to bits for investigation nothing obvious although did move some wires that would cause a problem if damaged. Powered back up all is working so not sure what really fixed it. One of the remotes for the mast instruments not working. John initially found a corroded battery, cleaning and replacing not the fix. Looked further nothing obvious so down to one remote will have to make sure that does not stay in one of the pockets on deck.