Arrived St Lucia

Donald Macdonald
Fri 11 Dec 2020 16:13
Position  14.04.678N  60.56.980W
Sorry if this is incoherent on arriving in a quarantine dock where we are not allowed to leave until negative PCR which we will hopefully get this afternoon with results 24 hours later as we have finished a bottle of 30% rum punch given to us on arrival.
We finished at 12.11.33 on 11 December which is just after 8 in the morning here. Run in was good and got a warm torrential shower in final mile, which photographer said lives up to the name. The finish boat also said he enjoyed our finish as best he has seen in years cutting in close to the headland into the bay. Trip distance was 2829 nm in 19 days 23.5 hours racing.
Just checked all our sails. 4 need repairs. Code 0 from first night 10 foot tear, Jib has luff tape tear only seen when taken down, black spinnaker foot tear 6 feet and the pink spinnaker that was up 6 days with being dropped has some holes in it no doubt where it has been rubbing the forestay.
Land we found very wobbly.
Dinner who knows.