Back in Poole

Donald Macdonald
Sun 6 Jun 2021 18:46
Position 50.42.608N 1.57.621W
Back in Poole on my berth at Parkstone Yacht Club after 8 months, less 9 days. We did slow down at the end because my berth would not be free and needed to pass 10 days at sea to avoid quarantine and all the rigmarole of that. We did slow down too much as had to work against a tide in no wind and further from Poole than expected as wind hole was a proper one so last 7 hours was done under engine. Got onto the berth at 1445.
Last 18 hours were done in fog and when daylight came could see it was thick with visibility less than 100 meters at times. Lots of vessels often within 0.2nm passed us which we did not see, only the AIS gave us the clue that they were around. We were met near Bar Buoy by a group of Laser sailors on a yacht and Rosie, sunshine of my life. They escorted us in and at the berth there were a whole lot of others to welcome our arrival back in the UK.
Yachtline, UK Customs clearance by phone was all straight forward so 'Q' flag could be lowered. Our interpretation of the Covid entry stuff is we are clear as have not been in any country in the last 10 days, will revaluate data later this evening.
We were away 8 months, less 9 days. All good even the downhearted days are good afterwards. During the time away did 9200nm.
A pleasant couple of proper beer enjoyed on the veranda with our welcome committee. Tomorrow will be empty boat of all equipment, clean then put back what is required for European waters sailing.
John is taking a few days off sailing as Jean has a long list of jobs for him to complete. I will fix the boat as have some singlehanded sailing starting with Cowes to Dartmouth in 19 days, Channel week then Plymouth-Fastnet Rock-Plymouth 4th July.
This is the last Blog of this trip, hope you all enjoyed it and my grammar/English has already be marked down by one reader. My defence it was obviously not my thing as I tried to pass English Language O Level 4 times, twice after leaving school. We all have our weaknesses.