Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 18

Donald Macdonald
Wed 19 May 2021 19:16
Position 37.21.8N 27.42.5W
Good winds all night and morning moving along about 7.5 knots with 1 reef in the main and jib. By midday the wind was dying and the reef shaken out back to full main. Wind just aft of the beam and been a bit lazy and not bothered with the Code 0. As night progresses expect the wind to drop so going at snails pace therefore may revert to fossil wind to ensure we get into Ponta Delgada in daylight and hopefully get information where to moor until quarantine done. Not totally sure of the process in place or who to call. We would like to clear all formalities Friday and check the state of the fuel tank as that could be the driving force to when we leave. Presently have 100nm to go, great circle.
No more failures last 24 hours. The Zeus chart plotter GPS is functioning today, the autopilot wind mode still a problem.
During the early hours John got hit in the arm by something, which initially is a shock as you are by yourself in the cockpit. When light put on the subject a squid had hit him. We are used to flying fish, not flying squid. Not sure if if did fly or a wave ejected it or more unlikely a bird dropped it as looked too big for them. We do have photographic evidence 'flying' squid.
Getting quite chilly now for us softies from the Caribbean, 18C supposedly.
Dinner this evening will be Irish Stew followed by pineapple rings in juice.