Carriacou Anchorage

Donald Macdonald
Thu 18 Feb 2021 22:47
Position 12.27.415N 61.29.243W
Did not get away from Port Louis at 10am because the immigration officer was not in. The customs guy called to get his whereabouts. Left the dock at 10.30 and for all those worrying, John did not get wet this time.
Beat for 90% of the  trip and most annoyingly when we were aboutto tack for Carriacou the wind started to lift so we took it. Eventually the lift was 35 degrees so we ended up going north a few more mile north than anticipated to get the tack in to the anchorage. As we arrived here at 1800 and plan to leave at 0500, to keep things simple picked up a mooring bouy. Again we had lots of water coming over the foredeck and the good thing no water in the forward cabin as no elastics left in the seal. Aft locker is dry too, having put some lilicon grease on the rudder seal to stop water going down the post.
Better get and cook some baked beans and spam for dinner then a good sleep for the 50 miles to Young Island Cut Quarantine area in St Vincent & Grenadines.