Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Wed 3 Feb 2021 19:18
So far no rain, not as forecast, although has been cloudy all day.
Yesterday found out about Grenada Net at 0730 on channel 66. This morning tuned in to it. Very informative to what is going on in Grenada with respect to boaties. Tells you about buses put on that day that goes to the different bays for pickups for food shopping or a particular chandlery that day, also has people selling things and covers other gatherings. One useful section is anybody needing help or advice. A few days ago when trying to get parts for pedestal may have found a quicker better way, never mind all in hand now.
Pedestal parts ordered and confirmation of order just need to know shipping number so can track it and have an idea of the time delay we have. I am hoping that all gets shipped today so this evening will get the waybill number.
Had a little cycle to recon the start of the route to St David's bay for tomorrow. Did take a wrong turn and went up really steep hill, at least will not make that mistake tomorrow. Whilst out did notice again when big articulated lorries are out, the ones with full length containers they are preceded by a car with a red flag. This does give the lorries priority especially on corners going up hill as they do have to use all the road.
John has enjoyed reading his book and even checked on the laundry facility here, he needs some washing powder and then some tokens to get it done.