Rodney Bay Saint Lucia

Donald Macdonald
Sat 12 Dec 2020 18:13
1st full day completed in the Caribbean. Results came back from yesterdays PCR test, both negative. Received blue wrist bands and have moved boat  to D pontoon, cleared customs and immigration, checked in with marina and most importantly have had a shower plus for me shaved off 3 week beard. Tonight we can party on the town. That reminds me need to get some East Caribbean dollars.
Cockpit locker removed inflatable boat, engine, folding bike and cover for deck.
Serviced engine throttle mechanism as yesterday sticking with button stuck in after starting engine a bit of a worry as unable to motor, only tapping got it out. Engine was not used at all during the crossing the solar panel and fuel cell (EFOY) with methanol for night charging.
New camping gaz bottle fitted before leaving Las Palmas and still half fuel by feel, so with luck the 3 bottles left with may last until get back to UK June 2021.
Today John and myself temporarily back in the real world clearing emails.
Tomorrow will get into routine of fixing things in the morning then relax afternoon and evening. We plan to be here until after prize giving on 19th leaving on the Monday for some anchorage somewhere as long as we have sails back from repair which we cannot do anything till Tuesday as a holiday here Monday.
we have 10 baguettes left wonder if they will survive vacuum packed until May when start journey back?