San Miguel - Ponta Delgada Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Tue 25 May 2021 16:44
A little overcast here and a breeze keeping it a little cool. US Coast Guard Tall Ship is again flying its obscenely big US flag today.
2mm cord obtained from the other chandler about a mile away, so a few more crown sinnet lanyards made up.
This morning access card failed so unable to get in the marina, so meant I had to go up the office to get reactivated so have paid up to our planned leaving day of this Thursday. The weather presently looks like a lot of upwind stuff if we can keep out of the big windless band going up the Atlantic and generally moving east. One model and only one of the 6 imply we could have offwind after 4 days of beating. I would say the odds are not in our favour to have that model come to fruition.
Whilst down at the office noticed a boat, Divine from Sweden was there, it was one we often saw when going around the SVG area. So the Caribbean exodus has started.