Antigua - Jolly Harbour Marina - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Mon 26 Apr 2021 21:44
Full busy day of maintenance.
Whilst John cleaning hull with white vinegar to remove salt residue from dinghy I went walkabout. 
In fact went in search of someone who could polish fuel. Did drain a sample off the coarse filter this morning look very bad. Found an appropriate workshop who deal with engines and fuel systems. On inspection of sample taken he thinks best to get rid of the lot as so little good fuel in it which was my thought but hoped for better news. So the plan is to take the boat over to the workshop area 8-9AM to have the fuel drained (pumped out) and tank cleaned with the lines too. To reduce cost have spent 4 hours this afternoon getting access to the fuel tank so it can be removed, as they charge 80 USD an hour, as will be far quicker to fill, clean and drain on a bench. What took so long is a wooden shroud put around the tank as well as screw some sealant was used too so you were never to take tank out again, madness I think. Also some strange tamper proof screws were used which had to be drilled out. Managed to get 2 equivalent coarse filters at the local chandlery as they will need replacing when new fuel goes in and system cleaned.
After hull cleaned it was polished so looks good and shiny. The dinghy was then lifted onto the dock for fresh water washing which has been done. Left inflated as a couple of repairs to carry out on the tube where some chaffing has happened. The outboard has also been run in fresh water. Engine left on the stern rail and attached a sturdy bucket of water for the run over the propeller and the water inlet holes.
Large heavy anchor removed and light weight one for racing attached to chain in the anchor locker.
Steering pedestal bearings serviced.