Rodney Bay - Day 7

Donald Macdonald
Fri 18 Dec 2020 20:46
Completed a week in the Caribbean, as a week ago today we finished.
No major jobs today.
1.    Put a ratchet block on the snuffer line of the black spinnaker to see if easier to get down when under load.
2.    Code 0 continuous furling line reattached the broken bungee to end block and identified alternate attachment point on boat so should not jam around a stanchion. As double fairlead broken and unable to source another identified an alternate way of knowing which line will furl in.
3.    Got a 2nd 5 liter fuel can and cycled to the garage with both for petrol so we can run around when at anchor in the dinghy with our 2.5HP outboard. Price of fuel similar to that of UK.
Went out for a cycle to Pigeon Island to look at the fort and the views around the area. Finish line not there any more. Could see to Martinique and the south to the Pitons. Sandals resort was making a racket and I'm sure ruining the tranquility of those out at anchor in the bay otherwise lovely views and cool in the breeze.