Still in Figueira da Foz

Donald Macdonald
Thu 29 Oct 2020 16:16
Yesterday evening a lot of excitement. The big waves at the entrance causes a surge coming into the port and up the river so we often see the see the same piece of seaweed going by. When a bigger surge happens you can hear the extra noise of ripples against the hull. Last night not long after dark the ripple were heard then sounded more ferocious and boat bouncing a bit. Took a look outside saw that the jetty next to ours had bent parallel to the pontoon and the pontoon in front of our boat was under water. The pontoon outboard was bent up on the pillar. General consensus is that the surge was nearly 2 meters and may have (not confirmed) caused by dumping water out of a reservoir and the storm surge at the entrance.
It was not long before the Maritime Police and marina personnel checking on things. As we had a working engine were asked to move to the other side of the marina entrance. With the surges still going backwards and forward, probably 4-5 knots this was not a straight forward task and we did collect a gouge along starboard aft quarter, not seen until the morning.
This morning on the maintenance front checked for water in the bilges, all clear. Emptied and cleaned/dried fridge out. Data transfer from broken tablet ongoing. We wondered off to see the bigger waves at the entrance. Nature is a powerful thing. 3 ships now outside doing dog tracks until they are allowed in, probably not today. After that went shopping for net curtains and nail varnish.
The Marina staff and the harbour pilots have been working on all the damaged jetties and pontoons which have now all been removed and taken for scrap or repair. The advantage of moving last night we were able to get electricity the other side did not get it back until recently.
Looks less and less likely we will be able to escape Friday due the swell, Saturday is looking fine just no wind so a day of motoring in prospect.