Azores to Poole - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Tue 1 Jun 2021 15:21
Position 45.31.3N 17.41.0W
Another good 24 hours with wind all the time although a little cold. Harold been doing fine when up to 40 degrees off the wind after that getting our 'S's', 30 degrees either side of heading or TWA. As the wind is going further aft later more investigations required. More changing of settings no real help. In another screen saw 'Pilot Reset' thought about dong it, decided to wait until John on deck at the helm if things go very wrong. Just as well things did not go smoothly. Once selected lost boat speed information. Had a cursory glance through some settings they were there so selected ON, only got message no rudder drive. When trying to sort that got No H5000 data. After about 15 mins and sailing head to wind to try and do a Dockside setup and a few other things all working on heading. The big 'S's' have gone, have not investigated TWA sailing that will be looked at when next on deck, if that works too we hopefully will let Harold sail the rest of the way and we will not need to go onto an hour on/off watches.
Early this morning the starboard Race display froze, reset OK and last night ZG50 GPS froze again and reset from the cabin this time at an accessible junction when small panel, 4 screws, removed.
Sunshine today so batteries getting a good charge last night the methanol fuel cell needed to be switched on to keep enough charge in the domestic bank.
Dinner tonight will vegetable and chicken soup, baguette, cheese then pear halves in juice.