ARC - Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Tue 1 Dec 2020 15:08
Position  21.52N  40.10W  By distance gone over half way. We have done 1493 nm over the ground with about 1300 nm to go.
What a difference 24 hours makes. We have had steady winds for 24 hours midday to midday in the 12-15 knots range vary in direction from 100 - 130 degrees steadily tooing and froing. The spinnaker has now been flying 30 hours bar a mishap last night. The foot of the sail caught the bow push pit during a lapse in concentration after midnight allowing it to collapse a little low the foot tape tore itself from sail about 2 meters. Harold was put in charge of steering whilst spinnaker doused and brought to deck for repair. Fortunately we were able to not get foot wet so got this in to the cabin and used up all the spinnaker tape onboard to facilitate the repair which John did. Meanwhile, I investigated how the foot caught on the push pit and have carried out some modifications with soft foam and tape so if drops again will slide up over the 2 offending protrusions. The wire strop 2 hold the 2 push pit parts together securely has been undone and taped down out of the way.
The wind has now got up regularly touching 20 knots. Seeing the sea makes it easier to steer. We have just put a reef in the main to find out if makes the big knock offs easier to get back, as I write this at the chart table it does not feel like it. According to how we feel before it gets dark and the squall activity we can see is to whether we drop the spinnaker.
Yesterday was also a trying day with the heat and no clouds, better today as clouds but does mean squalls and John has been drenched twice. No doubt my time will come.
Other jobs yesterday was to re-stock the biscuits, chocolates, sweets and squash. Should give another few days of easy access snacks and drinks.
This evening dinner will be Heinz Big Soup Beef and vegetables, hot baguette, cheddar cheese, then peach slices in juice.