Antigua - Freeman Bay

Donald Macdonald
Mon 12 Apr 2021 22:49
Position  17.00.208N 61.45.618W
Arrived in Antigua and dropped anchor at 0700 and best of all cleared quarantine, Immigration and Customs by 1330. What a pleasant surprise that was so lost our planned day and went ashore to look around.
Once anchor dropped had breakfast and checked anchor. During this time boat were moving in all directions and we got a little close to a couple of them so tried to identify somewhere we could go and maybe stay clear. Fortunately a couple of boats left. We checked this and an area nearer the channel and decided on the vacated area. We still swing close to another boat if they swing the opposite direction to ours and does not look like a collision scenario so have stayed. Tonight will respond immediately to any anchor alarms and look outside to see if a little close to another yacht. After the move did some cleaning of the jib, halyards, mast as far as can reach from deck level with a deck brush. It was at this time when Port Health turned up and inspected our PCR test documents and 5 forms given earlier to fill in. Once this was done to our surprise was given a form and said could go to Customs & Immigration to check in. Boat cleaning stopped.
Tomorrow will move on, at this time not sure where but maybe somewhere with a marina so we can have a shower. Who knows by tomorrow may have a better plan.