Tobago Cays - 2nd time - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Tue 23 Mar 2021 19:09
BBQ Lobster last night was delicious, an excellent spread with it vegetables, rice, potato with garnish, Oh and a few Rum Punches.
Today a few jobs done. Heads deep cleaned and stainless bits in there brought up to shine.
The bilge pump has been switched off a few days as kept starting although no water in the bilge. Checked the system and cleaned the solid state level sensor and now appears to be behaving properly again.
Where the base of the mast sits on a big metal plate the 2 forward keel bolts/nuts are located, these have always looked dirty and some surface corrosion. Today cleaned it all up and the build up of what looked like corrosion was salt build up that had gone as hard as stone. After an hour of scraping, chipping and soaked in white vinegar there is now a proper gap between the plate and the nut. There is some superficial corrosion on the plate but nothing to worry about.
We have just got back from the area on the Cays where boats are not allowed to anchor to swim with and photograph turtles. During the time there 3 were seen of various sizes and all did not worry about snorkelers around them. Hopefully got some descent photos. I also followed a Manta Ray for a while whilst it glided along the bottom, with 3 fish in tow.