Antigua - Jolly Harbour Marina - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Wed 28 Apr 2021 16:44
Early update today as off to St John's to get PCR test at 1500.
Yesterdays completed jobs:
    Elastic retainer line put back in port check stay. A pleasant 15 minutes sat on 1st spreader.
    Deck light correct bulb installed.
    Forecabin - all bunks, storage areas cleaned and checked food stocks.
    Rudder post top seal changed grease type lubricating as better with not going too runny in the heat to keep water out.
    Fridge emptied and cleaned. Lots of black muck under the packs of cans. Re-packed and cans no longer in packs, old food stuffs disposed of. This was the only clean this trip so was to be expected.
    All shackles checked for security.
    Fuel saga. We could not use the maintenance dock as other boats had gone on it and checked a little one further down, no one knew how much depth there so got a long pole to depth sound and would be marginal. Then needed to check with Ivan if that dock would be OK for him, it was. We then moved to it but could not get within 4 feet so just had lines ashore to hold us this was 1030 and low tide was at 1205. Here the tide cycle appears to be 8 hours. It was not until 1500 we could get close enough. Once there needed to find Ivan to drain the tank, once done I removed it from the boat and he took it away to clean. OH, the pump initially did not work to drain the tank so he had to take it away to fix it another hour delay. Whilst Ivan cleaning tank I removed the coarse filter and some fuel lines so they could have compressed air through them to clean and gunk out of it. Putting tank back in not to bad except 2 bolts needed replacing due could not get them started. Once system bleed and run we came back to the dock in the dark. Not simple mooring here as stern too and need to loop posts on way in. Normally marina staff around to help but as so late all gone home and some were on strike.
Today the shroud re-installed around the tank as well as locker floorboards refitted. Also the main cabin and heads were cleaned. Now we are to find the bus stop for our trip into St John's.
More jobs tomorrow.