St Vincent & Grenadines - Young Island Cut Quarantine Area - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Mon 22 Feb 2021 18:32
PCR test done this morning. There was a big queue as a large square rigger training vessel came in. We did find out there were 40 persons onboard. We did see lots of trips ashore by the dinghy from the vessel. The small yacht people were done 1st so fortunate there. The bad news we heard is that the results could take up to 72 hours, we do hope not as we would have been 7 days in quarantine. The SVG arrivals have taken all our documents, passports, boat papers and last clearance documents and when the negative test comes back they will go and do all the country formalities for us.
It was very wet and cloudy on our trip ashore, fortunately now the sun is out and solar charging our batteries.
Last week we did get a message from the Antigua week people saying they have cancelled race week, so it looks like we shall not have any races whilst sunning ourselves in the Caribbean. Never mind was always a risk that was going to happen.
Last night we did finish our last bottle of Rum Punch that we had stocked up in St Lucia with.