Back in Rodney Bay - Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Fri 8 Jan 2021 20:50
Hazy day overall here, but there was enough light to charge the batteries with solar.
Deck light bulb installed. Although shorter than the previous one still about 4-5mm to long. I have managed to force the cover on will just need to keep an eye on it at sea to check cover does not half release.
Investigations for requirements to enter Grenada not conclusive in that some forms to be filled electronically we are unable to complete as require a hotel address. We are going to rely on information from 15 December 2020 for yachts that implies we will not need to fill that one out. We jut need a PCR negative test here in Saint Lucia, then do a 7 day quarantine on the boat in Grenada where after day 4 we can go and get another PCR test done if that negative too we are let in. All expense as here in Saint Lucia it is 100 US$ and in Grenada 150 US$.