Antigua - Jolly Harbour Marina - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Thu 29 Apr 2021 18:15
Successful trip into St John's for PCR test, It was the gentlest push of swab up the nose. Expect results back this afternoon.
Whilst in St John's checked where Customs & Immigration located for quick trip in Friday to clear Antigua as the facility in Jolly Harbour has been closed since Covid started.
Today more jobs completed:
Aft cabin cleaned, and checked remaining packets of biscuits and no hidden/lost supplies of sweets or even methanol for the EFOY cell, none found.
Took boat over to fuel dock to fill up with diesel and refill jerry can. Whilst there one of the dockhands mentioned he refills Gaz bottles for 40EC so he has our empty one, just hope he did not lie and it is butane that goes in and not propane. Fill far cheaper than UK.
With tank full calibrated the sender at full as had done empty when tank was removed a couple of days ago.
Dinghy checked for scrapes and tears and all bad one repaired with hypalon patches, tomorrow will deflate and pack away.
All rechargeable tool batteries back at full charge.
Spare water containers being cleaned with Aqua Fresh.
Drive shaft gland seal lubricated.
Last night noticed the battery state was very low so switched off fridge and inverter to save power. Today worked out why the lack of charge the solar panels had gone on strike all because the circuit breaker in the battery line to the controller had a bad connection. Wire was very hot. All secured properly again and full charging. As the charge was low and middle of the day for the 1st time saw the solar panel giving 400 watts of power out.
Friday night one of the restaurants is doing 2 for 1 steaks, so we are booked in as told normally very popular.