ARC - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Fri 27 Nov 2020 16:31
Position  25.11N 29.17W
Still sailing west. Through the night as expected we had either 1 or 2 reefs in the main. Wind seen during the night was as high as 26 knots on the beam with some big waves on the swell. During the day the wind at time eases down as low as 6 knots then climbs to 20 knots or so as squalls go by. We could do with one going over the boat with the associated rain as everything is starting to be encrusted in salt including our shorts and jackets. In the light patches Harold gets to do some work until he complains about his aches and pains so it is again up to John and myself to steer.
In the 24 hours to 04.30 this morning we had clocked 220 nm over te ground.
Today I saw my 1st flying fish, initially a singleton on a long flight then a 3 ship across the bow.
This morning re-stocked the galley from supplies in forepeak and aft bunk area. We can eat for another 10 days or so before another supermarket run.
Dinner this evening will try for meatballs, vegetables, baguette followed by peaches this evening. To reduce spillage will probably do in 2 sittings if Harold is still not feeling better.