ARC - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Thu 26 Nov 2020 14:40
Position  25.46N 25.50W
Still on course 270 degrees. Last night 2 reefs went in the main as been seeing 25 knots on the beam and dark so more difficult to manage the heading. May have lost up to a knot boat speed but we were staying on course. During the afternoon before the reefs a big squall came through John got soaked and he saw 29 knots so bore away. This lasted a couple of minutes. I only knew about it when he mentioned it, I had had a good hours nap.
This morning the wind reduced a bit both reefs came out. One went back in an hour ago now back out. Today has been very cloudy and as you can tell wind is a little erratic. We expect with present forecast to be on this heeding until Sunday
The tear in foot of spinnaker has been fixed with spinnaker tape.
Both are bodies are aching with the continual helming. Shoulders with the continual turning of the wheel, legs very stiff as most time need to be stood up and braced, also our downwind side heel feels sore with extra pressure always on it. My neck hurts from being on the foredeck putting up the spinnaker after the jib backed and jolted my head. Could be worse, could be in UK cold, wet, miserable and locked down so not complaining just mentioning it.
Last night ended up with chorizo and beans as to much rolling and juice from meatballs would spill. Tonight will be Irish stew, baguette, cheese followed by pear halves in juice. 
Just over 4 days into this and done 650 nm (TRIP) over the ground and 710 nm through the water (DSTWTR)