Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 12

Donald Macdonald
Sat 6 Feb 2021 18:30
Unsuccessful day in getting pedestal back on. Went to remove shaft and the 2 needle bearing assemblies, the aft one would not come out. Tried a few things all unsuccessful. When the I had it before I could get the bearing in the aft bush and it would rotate freely and come out easily. Pedestal will need to go back again on Tuesday after the holiday. The only bonus is tat the pedestal has been T-Cut back and polished, it has not looked so good since I have had the boat.
John did an update on his phone this morning then the data 4G did not work. Lots of checking and then calls to Samsung and lots tinkering including factory reset still inoperative. He then cycled to the shopping centre to get an Access Point which Digicel would only do with 12 month contract. Then popped in to computer shop they did not have any. On the way out saw a little electrical stall asked if he had an AP, which he did. John explained why he wanted it and the man asked for his phone, after 10 minutes changing things all worked. Samsung update had played havoc with the phone settings for the local network. At least his day turned out better than mine.