Grenada - Quarantine Day 6 Martin's Bay

Donald Macdonald
Tue 19 Jan 2021 20:44
Extremely lazy day today doing Sudoku or reading or a bit of YouTube. Results not arrived, did hope we would get them in under 24 hours like in St Lucia, just hope we get them tomorrow as that will be 7 days in quarantine.
Lots of rain today and it was forecast to be sunny, also particularly windy and can hear anchor chain regularly and getting jolted. We have not seen the fisheries people around to lay the mooring balls so nothing interesting to watch. A wreck of a catamaran near us had some people onboard to take stuff off and take to what looks like a metal hull boat 100 meters further in to the zone. The metal boat must have been out here some time as I have seen them bring up 3 anchors and one was very large, no doubt help in the hurricane season. Looks like they are down to just one anchor now.
No doubt another bottle of Rum Punch later.