Antigua - Green Island Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Tue 20 Apr 2021 20:11
As such a pleasant anchorage and good snorkelling on the reef stayed a 2nd day. Today saw more different fish and big groups of them than any other on this trip. Evan swam with 2 turtles for a time and a manta ray went by too. It all happens when you don't take the camera with you. Never mind.
This morning did a couple of jobs. The hatch weather hood gave the clear plastic a good clean so now can see out of it and also all the damage when folded down then step on it putting main away, better not do that any more. The other job more important replace the fuel filters on the engine to see if that was cause of stoppage yesterday. With the state of the coarse filter I would say it is a part of it as it was all gunked up and when the fuel that was in the filter and bowl poured into jar it separated quickly into dirty looking fuel/water and fuel on top. The fine filter had sediment in it but not too bad also replaced. Whilst working on the engine tightened belts up for the alternator and sea water cooling pump. Had a slight mishap and spilled some of the diesel fuel knocking over the jar so had to clean that up to. Will only know how well when it get wet do we have an ice rink or not? Engine ran for 10 minutes at high revs to ensure all air bleed out the fuel system. No problems.