Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 13

Donald Macdonald
Fri 9 Apr 2021 19:28
La Soufriere volcano that erupted this morning about 20 miles north of us on St Vincent we have not seen anything of the plume of rocks, dust etc thrown 20,000ft up in to the atmosphere as we have relatively low cloud today and vey muggy. We do not expect to get any of the dust falling on us either as winds taking it west. If it is still going tomorrow and clouds have gone we may see it when sailing north towards Antigua.
This morning some little jobs done before what we expect to be up to a 48 hour sail north. The winds have died down a lot and on Sunday the wind forecast to move NE so may need some tacks put in.
1.    As the sea fairly calm today unclipped the lower jubilee clamps on the rudder stock so could clean and add some silicon grease to see if the water leak/drip from there can be stopped when sailing. If not a fix will need to be more drastic before trip back across Atlantic.
2.    The aft locker tidied and repacked so we can get all the sails in there and the deflated dinghy.
3.    Forward part of bilges dried and cleaned. Horrible job.
Just come back from Customs and Immigration having cleared out of SVG with paperwork that sates will leave at 8 am Saturday.
Blogs should continue on trip north as long as the Redbox and satellite phone all connect and I remember how to do it. We would like to arrive in English Bay quarantine area by 8 am on Monday then we may get a visit that day from the port authorities to give us the current protocols for testing and how long we will be at anchor there.