Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Fri 29 Jan 2021 20:32
Pedestal not back, will get Monday. I have seen the it almost finished, bushes made and as I arrived this afternoon the final pass with the reamer on the through hole. The blind hole was already completed and therefore will have a bit sticking out from the original design.
No reply from any chandlery's yet on the bearings. If they don't come back Monday will organise to ship myself. Extra work as one needs to get a freight forwarder who can get them into the country, clear customs and should not pay tax. Today the boat next to us gave the details of who they use.
The galley tap has been dripping recently so took it apart today to see what seals/washers are required. The cold side the screw on washer is trying to disintegrate so unlikely to get that replaced. Went out for a cycle to find a hardware store, found one about 3 miles away and obtained almost perfect size washer. Hot tap feel good now. Will do cold when have a replacement screw for washer.
At hardware store also bought wire so we can have a USB point on the plotter case so the tablet can be used for navigation without the thought of a power drain. Unable to get electronic charts for plotter as sensible price so the EC $10 is the cost effective solution as already have a cigar lighter adapter and USB socket to put in it. Wires run through pedestal guard to plotter case and back to the electrical area. Will connect when guard back in place when pedestal re-secured to cockpit sole.