Saint George - Port Louis Marina Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Tue 16 Feb 2021 20:35
At hospital this morning for 08.45. Really pleasant cycle along the front then a short sharp climb to the General Hospital of Saint George, did have to walk up part of hill. No queues for payment or the swab. Today consisted of 2 swabs, one of back of throat and 2nd one of both nostrils. Hopefully get the results back by this time tomorrow so we are able to fill in other forms to obtain permission to travel to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Once stamped approval received we will be on our way with night stop in Carriacou Thursday evening and the to Young Island Cut quarantine area Friday.
On way back from hospital stopped at the chandlery to get some 1" lashing tape to make some new straps for the bimini as the forward ones keep breaking, UV damage. John got the sewing kit out and the 2 forward ones replaced, will do aft when break as part of strap has to be sewn in place.
We have the anchor living on the bow roller whilst not racing and with the regular anchoring. When there the anchor locker door has to stay open as there is not an access hole for chain in it, with the big seas the door has been getting stressed a little with the waves. Today the dremmel came out and opening made where anchor chain enters the locker, also a 10mm hole pot through the anchor so a retaining pin can be inserted when stowed. No proper pin presently just a nut and bolt, pin with hole for 'R' clip to be sourced.