Las Palmas - Back-up autopilot calibrated

Donald Macdonald
Sun 15 Nov 2020 15:30
A very nice gentleman from the SORC fleet, Jerry, has let me borrow an autopilot he removed from a boat and was stored in his loft. It is a Raymarine Smart autopilot. I had before leaving UK installed the brains of the unit and flux compass. All wiring was also run in but not connected. This morning disconnected the B&G autopilot ram and clutch and connected to wires already run in. The B&G rudder feedback has to be removed to install Raymarine unit. The control head was connected in a temporary fashion to an access hatch where that cable located next to helm. On the nice flat waters just outside the marina we carried out the calibration and checked all functions required. All worked like a charm. Once back in the marina reverted to the B&G system including dockside test. The transfer from one system to the other done in under an hour, maybe longer at sea when bouncing about a bit as most changes happen at rear of boat where the rudder quadrant etc is.
Whilst out we also took the opportunity to fill diesel tank and jerry can, 46 liters.
Today week we start the race across to St Lucia.