Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Fri 2 Apr 2021 19:29
On going battery state. This morning, before sun out and charging, battery monitor showed 12.3vdc,  gained access to batteries meter had 12.7vdc and solar controller display had 13.1vdc. Now if 12.3vdc correct, not good. If 12.7vdc correct, excellent. 13.1vdc is just incorrect after a night without charge and some small loads on it should be back down at battery resting voltage 12.8vdc or less. Better work harder to find out how accurate meter is.
Other maintenance today. Put another bit of sleeving on one of the check stay ropes that jams on the cleat to stop it slipping. Worked fine. Now need another bit of sleeving for other side, no more remnants on the boat.
The elastic that has been inserted in the check stays to pull it towards the mast when not in use to stop it going wrong side of the boom replaced as other one broke a couple months ago and have not been able to find 6mm elastic/bungee. In the back street chandler here in Bequia found some so went and sat on 1st spreader for 30 minutes or so removing broken one and inserting new one into the dyneema line from mast to a block that the bit on the deck goes through.
Just had someone come by to say there is a race on Sunday around Bequia. Should be interesting as includes motorboats. Must find out more and possibly join in.