ARC - Day 12

Donald Macdonald
Fri 4 Dec 2020 16:24
Position  19.12N  47.47W
Today no clouds and full blown sunshine, down here in the cabin 34C up on deck feels far hotter. Wind sometimes as good as 4 knots, this is forecasted. If future predictions correct we have this for next 36 hours so lots of frustration to come.
Yesterday the wind stayed up in the mid 20's till early evening then slowly decreased by 2 a.m. down to 8 knots in the pitch black and another electrical storm hard to keep on course as the sea was flatter gave Harold a chance he was brilliant and been steering since. This morning put up the big spinnaker to see if could help speed which it could, just. With so much effort to keep it flying took it down. In the distance we can see big Cumulus Nimbus formations gaining in size so will expect an interesting night hopefully with some wind to propel us in the correct direction for a short while each time. I suspect we will be in the 800's in miles to go for over 24 hours, we did get through the 700's in under 12 hours. How fickle sailing is.
Today had 2 shackles undo on us one was still on deck for spinnaker downhaul block, the other jib tack missing all together, new one fitted.
Our shoes have dried so will get over trench foot. We are still starboard water tank (100 liters), although must be getting empty as pump taking longer to pressurise system. The port one same size and we are carrying extra in cans, this does mean we do not have to be so frugal with water and get a proper wash and wash cooking stuff fully each time.
For the past 6 days we have not seen any vessels indicated on our chart plotter and must be 8 or 9 since we saw anything on the horizon either.
Today for dinner will be melon starter, steak main then ice cream for dessert. Who am I kidding? We will have meatballs in sauce, carrots, peas followed by mandarins.