Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 13

Donald Macdonald
Fri 14 May 2021 19:23
Position 32.47.1N 42.32.2W
Yes I know, yesterday's update was day 12 not another 11, I noticed as soon as sent message to the satellite.
PROBLEM SOLVED! Harold not steering correctly downwind in wind mode. Since last June the autopilot has been doing big S'sss when engaged in wind mode downwind which tend to get bigger and if intervention not taken would in windier cases lead to a broach. Downwind in Heading mode is OK but not good in windier conditions. That was the reason we had to hand steer across the Atlantic in the ARC. For the last 3 days we have been in heading mode as offwind. For 2 days I have been looking at the various autopilot settings and adjusting things with no luck often getting the helm to go from one 30 degree lock to the other. This morning noticed in a setting I had not been taking too much notice of that had options, Apparent, True, Auto. It had been in Apparent changed it to Auto and all has been good for the last 6 hours keeping a very tight control of the boat. Not sure when this happened but we did have other autopilot faults in June for other settings being incorrect and I had not changed anything to my knowledge.
Last night just before dusk it was, unfurl jib, furl and lower Code 0, set up and hoist 1.5oz spinnaker as the wind had been veering and we did not need anymore height. The spinnaker still flying now in 15 knots true breeze moving along at 8 knots. We have had a good 24 hours having done 150 nm.
No whales today, Portuguese Man'O'War starting to be seen floating on the surface and a lot less seaweed about, the big clumps often knocking a knot off our speed.
Dinner tonight will be large Lincolnshire sausages in beans then sliced peaches.