Bequia - Admiralty Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sun 28 Mar 2021 19:11
Position 13.00.091N 61.14.510W
Overnight had gusts to 30 knots making the time on anchor very rolly and could regularly hear the snubber line jolt the boat. Good news is that the anchor held firm. Departed Canouan at 0900 for Bequia. Once clear of the eland had a steady 20-25 knots which meant 2 reefs in the main and working jib up. Initially just making Bequia hard on the wind in the 2 metre waves. As trip went on we were freed and were moving along well at 7-8 knots. Just as we arrived at the headland for Admiralty Bay rain, that stung our faces arrived with some vicious wind and shifts to boot. We have anchored near where we were before, a little nearer the beach. It is windy here too, we were hoping the land would shelter us from the gusts, no such luck. The higher wind is forecast for the area for another few days yet, with extra cloud too.
As we had lots of water come over the deck checked the aft locker to see how wet. There is some water in there but not too much. I think it is coming from the boot on the rudder post, it just feels wet on the one side, so on a calmer day or in a marina will undo the 2 clamps on the bottom of the boot clean it again and add some silicon before clamping so hopefully stop the water making it passed the clamps.
One of the bolts has come out of the boarding ladder so will need to find a new one to fit. Screwdriver put through at the moment so John could get back onboard after checking the anchor.
The bilge pump kept running today on the trip up and there was not any water in the bilge. Investigated the solid state water level sensor, it was dry, the face of it had some rust spots. T-cut the sensor face, rust spots gone and did not hear it run again on trip or now whilst writing this.