Grenada - Quarantine Day 3 Martin's Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sat 16 Jan 2021 21:31
No fixing maintenance done today.
I have been busy making lots of Crown Sinnet Lanyards for the quick release shackles. Most had nothing on them others had quite long pulls. The ones now are short no longer than 2 inches (50 mm), will be a lot easier and quicker releasing ones that only had the ring on. Another few to make tomorrow including a couple of spares.
The anchor watch alarm went off this afternoon. Only a meter outside the 35 meter zone as have 30 meters of chain out. Not sure I have the centre point correct but will do for government work. John did go for swim to check the anchor is set as not checked when put down. The anchor is at an angle and jammed under a rock so happy not going anywhere just hope will come out when we want to leave. We are at a different lay from the anchor to most of the time we have been here. If wind drops like it has done last couple of nights we will be pulled in to the zone. The compass bearings of a couple of land mark are good as though we have not moved.
As nearly 1800 here better get the Rum Punch out. 2 bottles down, if we clear quarantine on time 5 to go.