Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Sat 30 Jan 2021 20:19
Main winches serviced to today as when went to spin one it was stuck. Did release easy and spin when winch handle put in. The problem was some salt air had got into then and the large roller cage bearings the drum runs on had some salt residue on them. Being a Lewmar winch these bearings are installed dry. Washed them in fresh water and cleaned the drum housings. All the cogs and pawls were still operating correctly and still lightly oiled and grease on the cogs. The winches on top of coaming all operating perfectly.
Did a run out on the bike to get some more cable to finish the pedestal USB wire install. Will finish that during the week.
Weather wise today the first time in weeks that we have had clear skies over us all day. Brilliant.